Scheduling blog entries…

One of my favourite blogs is done by the Oracle Storage Guy. His subject knowledge, post clarity, and humour lend themselves to an easy understanding of the subject matter that he is covering for a given post.  To that end, I’m going to lay out a consistent (I hope) weekly blog list of what I’d like to cover (at a high level) with deep-dives where necessary.  Note: this list isn’t exhaustive (as if it could be) and, like anyone else, I do have a life outside of EMC and technology (I’m a guitarist 🙂 ). So, without further ado, here’s my subject lists:

  1. CAS.  Content Addressed Storage overview. Hopefully will be able to tackle the “Why CAS?” question I hear a lot.
  2. Centera.  Why Centera represents a “best fit” in the CAS market (as I see it).
  3. Infiniband. Is there a resurgence of Infiniband?
  4. Hypertransport. Focus on version 3.x revision of this system bus/interconnect topology.
  5. Hypertransport, part 2.  How Hypertransport is shifting interconnect technology beyond the system bus.
  6. Hypertransport, part 3.  Why Infiniband failed at becoming a system bus contender and forward thinking issues with CSI (common system interface; Intel bus)
  7. OpenFabric Consortium
  8. RDMA, IPoIB, etc.  Hey, I’m open to suggestions here. What do YOU want to know about?

I think this is about as forward-thinking as I get this go-around. Stay tuned. You won’t want to miss it.



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