Iomega (it happened)

Given all my concerns about EMC purchasing Iomega and thusly diluting its core strengths into meaningless SMB junk, guess what?  No one listened. *grin* I, of course, must now welcome my 300 bretheren from Iomega (San Diego, CA…just 60 or so miles south of my hometown, San Juan Capistrano) into the EMC fold.

One bright side to the whole thing: Iomega, despite its faults, never produced the AX150 line (or really, a product of that dimished caliber).  So, SMB buyers rejoice!  You’re getting Iomega in your local shops.



PS>  If this seems bitter, remember, I used to work for a contracted marketing company under Iomega. 😉

PPS> I’m really tired, really cranky, and, I have a new daughter (Emma) that was just born last week. This keeps me both humble and extremely proud and really, I’m not responsible for rambling too much in these posts.

PPPS> seriously, this could continue for several more “PS’s” but, I’ll cut it off here by saying that again, you must refer to that glorious disclaimer of mine in the upper right hand corner of the right column on this blog.  These are my opinions (like anyone really cares) and…well, that’s that.

PPPPS> Barry Burke…I’m HAPPY to be a naysayer… 😉

One Response to Iomega (it happened)

  1. And I’m happy that you’re happy, Dave. But you really should get some rest, take more time to enjoy your family, and don’t sweat the little things so much.

    Perhaps we can swap perspectives over a beer some time…

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