The Ongoing Evolution of Flickerdown…

So, as you’ve probably noticed, you no longer are landing at the Flickerdown Store. While this may be somewhat disheartening to some, I’d like to point out that about 99% of my “business” is conducted via email and/or phone. So, give me a holler via email and I’ll hook you up. 😉

The promotion of my blog to the front page is simply another step in, i hope, the right direction for me. Sure, blogging is the current rage right now, but honestly, given my work schedule and the type of conversations i tend to involve myself in these days, it’s the best fit. Remember, Flickerdown actually started as a hardware review site in the early 2000’s and then turned into the store. Everything old is now new again, right? 😉

While I won’t be reviewing hardware, per se, I will be reviewing concepts that pertain to particular aspects of the SMB market (and/or commercial, enterprise) based on my experiences as a Technical Consultant for EMC.

Anyhow, feel free to keep me in the loop with things you want to discuss and I’ll try to approach them here!



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