Fun with nVidia’s Hybrid SLI

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It’s always fun to bring in “extra-curricular” stuff that I do to my day job.  That being said, this one is strictly outside the scope of day-to-day work.  I recieved a very interesting bit of technology from nVidia that is designed to demo out their Hybrid SLI platform.  What is Hybrid SLI, you ask?

In a nutshell, Hybrid SLI takes your integrated video chipset platform and extends its capabilities by allowing you to add in a more powerful discrete video card (like the 8600GT, for example).  The reason why you’d want to do this is based on the historical inability of integrated graphics to support the latest games or content driven applications.  Simply plugging in the discrete video card and enabling it via your driver panel will enable the mainboard to make use of the additional processing power for applications which need it.  Oh, and incidentally, your power requirements will be much less since integrated video will be used for any non-intensive applications.  Pretty cool, eh??  Check out the slideshow below for more information…


As you’re sure to notice, the graphics card is an MSI 8500GT-based solution with 256mb of onboard video ram.  The mainboard comes from Asus and is based on AMD‘s socket AM2 platform and provides USB 2.0, HDMI, DVI/VGA out, and a smattering of decent peripheral expansion options.  All this is wrapped up in a tight MicroATX package that can fit within your media center (not a bad idea, actually) chassis.  The only thing missing from this package is the processor (AMD triple core/quad core Phenom) and memory (OCZ DDR2-800 memory).


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