An exciting month @ EMC!

Obviously I’ve been missing in action for several weeks, but I promise you, it was for good reason(s).  There was the end of fiscal Q2, 2008 here at EMC, subsequent re-assignment of territories, and *drumroll please* VMWare Certified Professional training class.  That last item is personally one of the greatest things that I’ve had to deal with in the months at EMC and I’m looking forward to laying it all out for you in the coming weeks.

In the near term, however, there are two REALLY exciting things coming up in the next week or two. At this point, you’ve heard the rumours (undoubtably about “new” product coming) and I just want to say that, given my early look at these offerings, SMB will be MIGHTILY impressed with at least one of them. 😉  Not to slight the second announcement at all, but this first announcement is specifically targeted at one of the largest gaps in SMB product that EMC offers today (hint:  think about multi-protocol on the cheap).  I’ll reveal more (probably next week or so) but for now, I’m excited.

The second announcement accomplishes two separate “items” of business.  First, it further establishes EMC as a flexible storage leader.  I think people grew tired of an “either/or” demarcation in the market.  Multi-protocol arrays such as the Celerra NS-20 and NS-40 units certainly provided the connectivity options but…there was always something else that people wanted.  On the Clariion side, you had the high-performance hardware iSCSI offload and Fibre connectivity as connectivity options but you had to “give away” port count on the fibre side to include iSCSI and if you wanted more ports….either drop iSCSI altogether or step up to larger hardware. Safe to say, we’ve answered that problem for you.  😉 Secondly, it’s all about the performance.  It’s safe to say that the CX3, despite NetApp‘s claims, was a high performance, middle-market array.  It wasn’t the quickest at some tasks but, it got the job done with a minimum amount of complaining.  Let’s just say that early indications on this next product will happily answer any nagging issues with Clariion performance.

So, without further ado, let’s get the show on the road!!!  I’ll be blogging a lot more frequently this month and, if you’re one of my customers, feel free to drop me a line!



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