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So, you’ve hit the “About Me” page and are probably wondering who the heck I am. Well, let’s get that stuff taken care of right now. 😉

My name is Dave Graham and I’m a Technical Consultant with EMC Corporation. Never heard of EMC? That’s ok, we’re mostly a Commercial/Enterprise systems storage company. We own VMWare, RSA, and a few other smaller companies that have made our product portfolio quite comprehensive over the years. We basically pride ourselves in the ability to store, protect, optimize and leverage your data through a variety of methods. But, that’s enough about where I work.

I’m the father of two AWESOME girls, husband to an INCREDIBLE (and patient) wife, and generally a purveyor of all things SMB tech. I started a small consulting company several years ago called “Flickerdown Data Systems” which evolved from a hardware reviewing website that handled consumer business equipment (video cards, power supplies, mainboards, etc). Sales were good but, honestly, try working two jobs and you’ll quickly give up dedication to either one (or both).

This blog is my attempt to help tomorrow’s Commercial accounts with their storage, data protection, and equipment needs. I’ve been there, done that, advised about it, etc. and believe that my capabilities in this market should be utilize to help YOU become the company that you’ve always wanted to be!

Feel free to drop me a line via dave@flickerdown.com and let’s chat!



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