Search Term Reviews: October 15th Edition

It’s been awhile since I last did a review of what people are searching for (July 30th was the last time…wow) so, let’s see what’s new.

Search Term #1: EMC NX4

Not really suprised here.  Honestly, take the Celerra NS-20, cut the price signficantly, allow blended SAS/SATA drive trays, and multi-protocol attachment (fibre AND iSCSI/NAS) and…you’ve got the NX4.  Perfectly blended for SMB/Commercial customers and without any additional “fluff” that you don’t need/want.  Did I mention you can get up to 60 disks on the thing?  All in all, it’s a big “win” for our customers who want CIFS/NFS, iSCSI, and 4Gb/s Fibre support but can’t break the bank doing so.  Click on the YouTube video displayed on the home page for a good overview of the box.

Search Term #2: EMC Navi Express

Second on the hit list is EMC Navi Express.  Since Navi Express is an integral part of the AX4 product line, it does merit some level of mention.  Take a look at the chart below.

Navi Express vs. Navisphere (Full)

Navi Express vs. Navisphere (Full)

As you can see from the chart, there are some minor limitations (depending on your definition of “minor”) but overall, it accomplishes a lot of the same flexibility and functionality that the full “Navisphere Manager” has.  Oh, and it’s HTML based, not Java. 😉

Search Term #3: Is the Celerra any Good?

Seriously.  Someone, somewhere entered that phrase into Google or whatnot and landed here. Could have been NetApp for all I know.  Do I honestly need to answer this question?  If you want to know, take a look at EMC’s marketshare in NAS over the past 3 years.  That should provide a small measure of perspective.  Other than that, this question is a little vacuous, so, what part of Celerra do you want to know about?\

Search Term #4:  EMC CX4 Cache

I’m going to approach this as just looking for the cache sizes per Storage Processors on the CX4 models. Let’s begin.

  • CX4-120:  3GB of cache per SP; 6GB total per complete system.
  • CX4-240:  4GB of cache per SP; 8GB total per complete system.
  • CX4-480:  8GB of cache per SP; 16GB total per complete system.
  • CX4-960:  16GB of cache per SP; 32GB total per complete system.

Hopefully that will help your research as you look into my favourite EMC product. 😉



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